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What is healthy masculinity?

Are we paying quality attention to our young men to role model an ideal image of healthy masculinity. On healthy masculinities is defined as being honest with oneself about our feelings needs and desires. As fathers, brothers, sons, partners and husbands how are we displaying this to our youth and children. There needs to be more awareness of the representation that we b forward when we are posing as a man. Our main responsibility (and that is all men) is to break this old stoic ideal of what a man is and give ourselves permission to be human in order to overcome the obstacles.

Identifying the obstacles

The obstacles that men face include not showing emotions or talking about feelings, denying the need to ask for help because it perceived as weakness, battling with societal norms like discrimination and marginalization. These are all part of the whole picture that has forced more males into voluntary isolation and confinement. If more men are willing to be brave initiators of a new normal we will begin a trend that will generate healthier men.

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