Recognizing your true value amidst Covid-19 to 20

Written by Rolando A. Hyman MA, CCC, CT

AS we continue to experience this unprecedented pandemic many persons are overwhelmed with expectancy about when this will be over with. We are all being affected with what I call the \”traumatic pandemic blues\” where we are all feeling that we are at the end of our ability to cope and many persons are just a t the point where they are saying whatever. But it is important for us to realize that if we spend time focusing on what we cannot control the feeling of defeat will be more pervading. Recognizing our true value will help us to realize that the essence of coping with this unfortunate new normal. We form our world with our words and nurturing a mindset that is swimming in defeat and stagnation will bear fruits that are not pleasing to the appetite. This pandemic has evoked many different emotions in all of us and those emotions are there to remind us of what we need to do differently and what is making us uncomfortable in our emotional psychological well-beings. We may need to take the time out to use this time to practice self-preservation and mindfulness of being.

During this pandemic there has been several relational disappointments that left us feeling more wounded and shattered than ever before because those we once trusted betrayed that trust and it has left us in deep despair. We must continue to remember that is this is happening with you during this time it is not your fault and you have not lost your purpose or value in life. This too shall pass and your will to continue to ride the tides of life will return with more drive and persistence than when you first began. It is important to remember that your value is not determined by the examples or treatment of those around you but by the strengths and authenticity that you poses within you. Having real value is bouncing back from the gutters of your mistreatment and walking out on the highways of your recovery. This pandemic might not be gone at the time when we expect but it must not be allowed to take away our drive and desire to make it through and have an experience that will make our lifestyle choices different from this day forward. Right now we are all like diamonds going through the ruff and in the end we will shine with the expression of survival and satisfaction of relief from this global pain called Covid-19 to 20.

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